Candidates’ statements for elections to Left Unity National Committee

Four members of the Communist Platform are standing in elections for regional seats on the National Committee, the leadership body of Left Unity. Most of these seats went unfilled in the elections prior to conference after not enough candidates stood.

Ballot papers have been distributed via email- if you are a member of LU and have not received yours, email Voting closes at midnight on Monday 5 May 2014.

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Election statements for the Left Unity leadership (updated)

We have put forward a full slate of candidates in this election to demonstrate that the left opposition within Left Unity offers a serious revolutionary alternative to the reformist, non-class conscious approach of LU’s current leadership who seek compromise with bourgeois, anti-working class forces. We mean business about achieving socialist revolution and we present to you a team of working class activists, communist militants, who will work with you, the membership, to switch LU away from the reformists’ ‘Old Labourist’ agenda in favour of a programme for proletarian revolution.

Members of LU should have received details on how to vote, and have until 24th March to do so. If you have not received such an email please contact the LU office. We recommend that in this single-transferable-vote ballot members vote for candidates in the order stated below.

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Left Unity conference details (updated)

The national policy conference of Left Unity is on Saturday, March 29 in Manchester. The venue is the Museum of Science and Industry. It will take place between 11am and 6pm, with registration starting at 10am. Are you attending? More information on the event is available at the Left Unity site, but you should check back on this site for more details of this important meeting and work on the intervention of the Communist Platform on the day.


The deadline for nominations of regional representatives has been put back to the 27th of February. The deadline for amendments to resolutions has been extended to 5pm on Friday 14th March

Communist Platform Bulletin 1

Jean-Gorin-Composition-300pxThis bulletin comes ahead of the upcoming national meeting of the CP and contains the motions and amendments which will be voted on. Also available to download here: CP-Bulletin-1.rtf

Communist Platform national meeting

February 8, 2014

Calthorpe Arms

252 Gray’s Inn Rd, London (nearest tube, Kings Cross) – 12 noon-5pm

The first decision that needs to be taken at the national meeting of the Communist Platform on February 8 is on which version of the platform should be adopted by the group for discussion and amendment. (The CPGB has submitted a re-draft – CP (2)). Obviously, should CP (2) be adopted by the meeting, amendments submitted to the original platform – CP (1) – will fall and vice versa. Comrades should bear this in mind when submitting amendments.

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