Wrath of the pure

angel1 Many Left Unity members will be aware of the woefully apolitical campaign that is currently being conducted against the party’s principle speaker, Bianca Todd. As in the case of Manchester LU comrade Laurie McCauley, who has been suspended from the branch for writing a sharply critical report, the witch-hunters in this instance also pose as victims. Continue reading

Iraq & Imperialism: Past, Present and Future

iraqpastpresentfutureIraq & imperialism: past, present and future

An open meeting to discuss the situation in Iraq and the region more generally. MPs have voted in favour of new bombings on Iraq. What is the alternative? What lessons can we draw from the past actions of imperialism in the region? All are welcome to come along and engage in discussion of these and many other questions.

Our guest speaker is Yassamine Mather, an exiled Iranian socialist and member of Left Unity’s national council (speaking in a personal capacity).

Refreshments provided.

When: 7pm on Thursday October 16th

Where: Old Bath House community centre, Wolverton, Milton Keynes (next to Wolverton Tesco)

This meeting is organised by Milton Keynes branch of Left Unity.

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Left Unity branch report – Lewisham & Greenwich 2 October

lubranchreportOur meeting on Thursday, October 2 agreed to hold another one in a week’s time to debate conference motions, so mine on the federal republic wasn’t heard this week.

The reason was that a meeting on Ukraine had been arranged. I thought there would be a debate from comrades with opposing views, but those of Richard Brenner (of Workers Power) and Joseph Healy complemented each other. Continue reading

RIP Steve Wallis

steve wallis

Comrade Steve Wallis, well known on the Manchester left and stalwart of the city’s Left Unity branch, died of a heart attack last week. Having first met Steve at an LU meeting only late last year, I cannot claim to have known him well. But Steve had a frank disposition – that rare type who really do wear their heart on their sleeve – and it did not take long to work out what motivated him. Continue reading

Next national meeting of the ComPlat: 14th September


“Traitor”: Alfred Dreyfus is demoted

The suggested agenda (to be ratified by meeting) is:

  1. Anti-Semitism
  2. Israel-Palestine

.12:00pm, Sunday 14th September

Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Road, London WC1

All Communist Platform members and supporters welcome. There will be assistance with fares for those who need it.

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The Bolsheviks’ success and the ‘revolutionary’ fear of electoralism


Voting: can be made into a powerful weapon

Elements within Left Unity have argued against ‘electoralism’, with the implication that standing in elections necessarily means becoming corrupted by the establishment; LU should instead focus all its energies on bread-and-butter campaigning if it is not to fall into a reformist approach.

This economistic attitude to elections and the state is the polar opposite of the approach adopted by the Marxists who made the Russian revolution, argues ComPlat supporter Mike Macnair. His fascinating review of two books by August Nimtz on the Bolshevik’s electoral strategy also takes in the contemporary debate within Left Unity, and is of interest to all comrades in LU. Continue reading

Transparency and the right to criticise



Two more articles by ComPlat supporters in recent weeks on the necessity of transparency and open debate to any meaningful and lasting unity;

In ‘Confidentiality is a bosses’ tool’, Paul Demarty argues vigorously against the Left Unity Dispute Committee’s decision to conduct disputes in private:


‘Bolshevism was not a safe space for opportunism'; Mark Fischer reminds us that it was the open clash of ideas which forged the Bolsheviki.


Defend free speech in Left Unity!

first-amendment-us-little_art_fullAfter reporting on attempts to censure one member of Manchester LU, Complat supporter Laurie McCauley has been suspended from the branch, on the basis of spurious complaints about ‘privacy’ of branch matters.

As well as another report from Manchester, the Weekly Worker features several articles on transparency, the right to criticise, and the repeated failure of previous attempts to make it big by hushing up, and clamping down on openly expressed political differences:

Free speech: The permitted shades of grey

Karl Marx stood for free speech, in the tradition of the first amendment to the US constitution, writes Eddie Ford

Left Unity: Freedom to criticise must be defended

Laurie McCauley reports on his suspension from Manchester branch

Left Unity: A matter of political health

Unity requires freedom to criticise, argues Paul Demarty

‘Speaking bitterness’ and Left Unity

The precursor of ‘safe spaces’ was unsuccessful and destructive in past movements of the oppressed, writes Mike Macnair