The Communist Platform is a tendency in Left Unity that aims to unite all revolutionary Marxists.

The Communist Platform has constituted itself the hard left in Left Unity. Its aims and principles are far-reaching, theoretically coherent and, above all, meet the needs of the age. Objective circumstances cry out for global communism, not Fabian socialism, not a Keynesian mixed economy, not action for the sake of action, not empty platitudes about equality, justice and fairness.

The Communist Platform is based on what its supporters believe in and believe is necessary. No disdain for the lessons of history, no opportunist trimming, no secret agendas, no attempt to reconcile the irreconcilable. If we are to realise human freedom, the working class must first form itself into a party, sweep away the existing state and establish a semi-state that is already in the process of dying.

All members of Left Unity who agree with our aims and principles are urged to join the Communist Platform.

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