This platform was adopted and amended at the national meeting of the Communist Platform in Left Unity on February 8th, 2014.

  1. The Communist Platform is committed to building Left Unity as a socialist party, a party that seeks to bring about the end of capitalism and its replacement by the rule of the working class.

  2. Under socialism, the means of production pass into common ownership. Our ultimate aim is a society based on the principle of ‘From each according to their abilities; to each according to their needs’. A moneyless, classless, stateless society within which each individual can develop their fullest individuality.

  3. The rule of the working class requires a state to defend itself, but a state that is withering away, a partial state.

  4. Socialism and democracy are inseparable. Democracy is not just about casting votes. It is a process of the constant forming of ideas and taking and carrying out decisions. Hence the need for the entire population to exercise control over every sphere of social life: the state and politics, work and the economy, international relations, etc. Without open discussion as a norm and the right to form parties, platforms and oppositions, democracy can only be formal or simply fictional.

  5. We stand on the historic examples of the Paris Commune of 1871 and the Bolshevik-led revolution in October 1917 as the first attempts of the working class to dispossess the capitalists and begin the construction of socialism.We reject the idea that the Soviet Union and similar regimes were democratic, socialist or represented either the political rule of the working class or some kind of step on the road to socialism.

  6. Socialism is international or it is nothing. The victory of socialism in one or more countries is only partial until the balance of forces has decisively tilted against capitalism. That means socialism must triumph in a tranche of advanced countries if it is not to suffer deformation and counterrevolution in one form or another. National revolutions are therefore best coordinated and where possible synchronised.

  7. Towards this end, the working class should as a means of organisation and struggle use both parliamentary and extra-parliamentary means.

  8. All members of Left Unity who agree with these aims and principles are urged to join the Communist Platform.

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