LU internal elections: voting recommendation

Communist Platform is putting forward candidates in the current Left Unity elections, and supporting others from outside our ranks. We urge all LU comrades to vote in the following order of preference when it comes to the 15 directly elected members of the National Committee. (And to encourage others to do the same!) Click here for their election statements.

1. Yassamine Mather
2. Jack Conrad
3. Tina Becker
4. Chris Cassells
5. Toby Abse
6. Moshé Machover
7. Mike Macnair
8. David Isaacson
9. Sarah McDonald
10. Robert Eagleton
11. Lee Rock
12. Peter Manson
13. Daniel Gray
14. Maciej Zurowski
15. Mark Lewis

Regional representatives to the National Council (click here for their election statements)

1. Daniel Gray
2. Sarah McDonald
3. Emily Chaplin
4. James Turley
5. Tom Morley
6. Simon Wells
7. Maciej Zurowski
8. Moshé Machover
9. Phil Railston
10. Dave Landau

South East
1. David Isaacson

South West
1. Dave Parks

Yorkshire and Humber
1. Tina Becker

1. Matthew Jones

Support for other candidates should be based on their responses to the following seven questions, which will be published on the Communist Platform’s website as soon as possible. See also Jack Conrad’s article in this issue of the Weekly Worker for our thinking behind drawing those up:

1. Do you publicly criticise all calls, manifestos and organisations calling for a British withdrawal from the European Union? Will you publicly advocate the programme of establishing working class power throughout Europe?

2. Do you oppose the idea of forming some kind of bloc within Left Unity that includes the social-imperialist AWL? Should those who support the pro-Nato government of Petro Poroshenko, who
refuse to condemn the 2003 invasion of Iraq or the possibility of an Israeli nuclear strike against Iran be considered legitimate bloc partners?

3. Do you give priority to Left Unity or Tusc? Do you agree that Tusc is a diversionary Labour Party mark II project?

4. Do you support openness and accountability? Do you consider reporting and commenting on Left
Unity officers, branches, regions, national council, conferences, etc, perfectly normal and acceptable? Will you publicly condemn the suspension of Laurie McCauley? Do you demand his immediate reinstatement?

5. Do you disassociate yourself from those who resort to violence or threats of violence within the left? Will you insist that anyone found guilty of making such threats issue a public apology, no matter how belatedly?

6. Do you think Left Unity should draw a clear red line between the socialist politics of the working class and the petty bourgeois politics of the Green Party?

7. Do you support the call for a Left Unity constitutional conference in 2015?

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