Salman Shaheen & the right to bear arms

The Communist Platform has already enjoyed five minutes of fame, with our motion on the right to bear arms predictably being used by Andrew Neil – host of the Daily Politics – as an indication of the ‘mad’ politics of those involved in LU during his interview with principal speaker Salman Shaheen.

It should be needless to say that the motion does not call for Left Unity to immediately begin handing out AK47’s to all and sundry. Rather, it points to the eventual necessity of a ‘popular militia under democratic control’, to replace the standing army and other armed wings of the state in a socialist transformation of society.

But self-described ‘moderate’ Salman distances himself from the motion, and claims that the majority of those in LU do not hold such politics. We’re not so sure- though many might say that one certainly doesn’t talk about such demands publicly, thus putting themselves essentially in agreement with our Salman.

ComPlat supporter Jack Conrad addresses the whole issue in greater depth in the current issue of the Weekly Worker:

Report on Sheffield LU

cotton_woolThe touted ‘Safe Spaces’ policy being pushed by some in Left Unity has been hotly debated in the Sheffield branch. ComPlat supporter Tina Becker reports in the Weekly Worker:

In the same issue, Paul Demarty offers comment on the ‘regroupment’ talks of several organisations also involved in Left Unity:

Communist Platform Steering Committee recommendations for LU regional elections

These elections, for regional places on LU’s National Committee are using the STV system, in which candidates are ranked in order of preference.

North West Region

1. Laurie McCauley

2. Steve Wallis

Yorkshire & Humber Region

1. Tina Becker


1. Sarah McDonald

2. Emily Chaplin

3. Joy Macknight

Candidates’ statements for elections to Left Unity National Committee

Four members of the Communist Platform are standing in elections for regional seats on the National Committee, the leadership body of Left Unity. Most of these seats went unfilled in the elections prior to conference after not enough candidates stood.

Ballot papers have been distributed via email- if you are a member of LU and have not received yours, email Voting closes at midnight on Monday 5 May 2014.

Click our candidates’ name to skip to their election statement.
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Report of LU’s Manchester conference

ComPlat supporter Peter Manson reports on the March 29 policy conference of LU held in Manchester in the Weekly Worker (see link below). While displaying the same weaknesses as previous unity initiatives, there are reasons to be cheerful, too, the comrade writes.

March LU conference: ‘Indecision and irrationality’

piety_art_fullLike the founding conference last November, the upcoming policy conference of Left Unity has an agenda stuffed to the gills with motions. Combine this with a reluctance to make firm political choices, and you have a recipe for ‘Indecision and irrationality’, argues Mike Macnair in the Weekly Worker:

Election statements for the Left Unity leadership (updated)

We have put forward a full slate of candidates in this election to demonstrate that the left opposition within Left Unity offers a serious revolutionary alternative to the reformist, non-class conscious approach of LU’s current leadership who seek compromise with bourgeois, anti-working class forces. We mean business about achieving socialist revolution and we present to you a team of working class activists, communist militants, who will work with you, the membership, to switch LU away from the reformists’ ‘Old Labourist’ agenda in favour of a programme for proletarian revolution.

Members of LU should have received details on how to vote, and have until 24th March to do so. If you have not received such an email please contact the LU office. We recommend that in this single-transferable-vote ballot members vote for candidates in the order stated below.

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Reports of ComPlat’s first National Meeting, and LU TNC

Last weekendÂ’’s inaugural meeting of the Communist Platform was a promising start, reports Daniel Harvey in the Weekly Worker, which headlines his article ‘Left Unity: Solid basis for intervention':

In the same issue, Ian Donovan contrasts the ComPlat with previous, and sadly abortive initiative, the Socialist Platform.

And Mark Fischer reports on the latest meeting of Left Unity’s interim leadership here: