Communist Platform Bulletin #2

Complat_Bulletin_2_coverSupporters of the Communist Platform will be distributing this bulletin at tomorrow’s conference of Left Unity. The text puts forward the recommendations of the Platform on the various motions to be voted on.

See you at conference!

Click here to view the bulletin PDF: ComPlat_Bulletin_#2

7 thoughts on “Communist Platform Bulletin #2

  1. In the North West Region Left Unity has declared support for the greens in the Euro Election. What is the CPGB opinion of this? The Socialist Equality Party (see ) has candidates in the North West. When SEP stood in the Haltemprice by-election CPGB declared its support (without really explaining why). Will CPGB indicate its position on SEP candidates?

  2. Dear Mike,

    As a candidate member of the Communist Party of Great Britain, as a yearlong subscriber to the Weekly Worker, and as a resident within the North West who has done research on the parties standing in the North West I will try and answer your questions.

    As a Party we see the Greens as a petty-bourgeois liberal distraction. The Greens, unlike Labour, have no organic links with the Labour Movement and have some policies which are inherently Working Class. Their policies on maintaining and increasing subsidises for those who own wind turbines/solar panels benefit the wealthy in our society and whilst their manifesto is left-of-Labour’s it is imperative to note that AT BEST the Greens are a Labour Party Mark Two. We in the CPGB have consistently argued that the idea that simply re-inventing the wheel (creating yet another broad party committed to dragging the Labour Party to the left) is a pointless exercise. At the meeting where North West Left Unity voted to support the Greens we were the only ones against this proposition.

    With regards to the Socialist Equality Party I personally see you as no different to No2EU and the Socialist Labour Party. The call for EU withdrawal smacks of Official Communism “Britain’s Road to Socialism”/Left Nationalism. Whilst I understand you still call for a Socialist Europe I think the premise you work from is deeply flawed. Yes the EU is undemocratic, yes it is Neo-Liberal, yes I know you cannot nationalise industry, or reduce VAT below 15%, under EU law, yes I know about the Europe-American trade deal, however a call for EU withdrawal suggests that the Government in Westminster would be in some way more progressive/preferential (otherwise you wouldn’t advocate EU withdrawal).

    I don’t know who we’ll support in the North West this time round. If we do decide to critically support a group which calls for EU withdrawal then you will be one of at least three organisations we have to choose from. I would suggest that if you want to have a real debate about this issue, write a letter for the Weekly Worker as this website doesn’t get nearly as many views as our weekly paper does.

  3. Robert, thanks for the comment but I was surprised that you say the SEP are no different to No2EU or SLP. I am not aware of any call for withdrawal from EU on their part. On the contrary their campaign is all about uniting workers internationally against capitalism and specifically opposed to anything based on the nation state or the national economy. You cannot have read much of their stuff and they rarely get a mention in WW. Check their website – and note that they are holding an online Mayday rally- which would give you a clearer idea of where they stand.

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