The Bolsheviks’ success and the ‘revolutionary’ fear of electoralism


Voting: can be made into a powerful weapon

Elements within Left Unity have argued against ‘electoralism’, with the implication that standing in elections necessarily means becoming corrupted by the establishment; LU should instead focus all its energies on bread-and-butter campaigning if it is not to fall into a reformist approach.

This economistic attitude to elections and the state is the polar opposite of the approach adopted by the Marxists who made the Russian revolution, argues ComPlat supporter Mike Macnair. His fascinating review of two books by August Nimtz on the Bolshevik’s electoral strategy also takes in the contemporary debate within Left Unity, and is of interest to all comrades in LU. Continue reading

May 22 election results… and high jinx in LU Scotland


Left results: a sorry joke.

ComPlat supporter Peter Manson on the results garnered by Left Unity and other left groups in the May 22 local elections:

And Sarah McDonald reports on the failed, bureaucratic attempt by elements of LU in Scotland to impose support for a ‘Yes’ in the upcoming independence referendum: